Review: ****** ~ Anthony Farana





A family reads to pass the time as a storm rages outside their house. They will soon discover a coffin that will change their lives forever.

3 Thumbs-Up  “A page turner marred by errors”

First, let me explain; the errors I mention have nothing to do with Mr. Farana’s style of writing or subject matter, and all to do with possibly bad proofreading!

The tale itself reminded me very much of “The Monkey’s Paw”, moody, creepy and not unlike the scary movies we couldn’t turn away from as children. Scenes are set and described very well, and you can almost imagine the characters thoughts are yours. However, there is very little verbal interaction between the characters so, if you like your reads with plenty of chatter, this might not be the book for you.

If it hadn’t been for the proofreading errors I would’ve rated this book higher, as it is I would still recommend it to friends and also encourage “chatty” readers to try it out, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.


Review: The Night Angel Trilogy ~ Brent Weeks


For Durzo Blint, assassination is an art – and he is the city’s most accomplished artist.

For Azoth, survival is just the beginning. He was raised on the streets and knows an opportunity when he sees one – even when the risks are as high as working for someone like Durzo Blint.

Azoth must learn to navigate the assassins’ world of dangerous politics and strange magics – and become the perfect killer.

 5 Thumbs-UpThis book captivated me from the first page, and kept me hooked for the whole trilogy.

Usually with a trilogy I’ll read one part expecting so much from the others, that I am sorely disappointed. Not with this one. It was a page turner, with plenty to keep you saying to yourself “just one more chapter and then I’ll sleep” don’t fool yourself into thinking this will happen, you’ll just want to keep going.

The characters are very well written, and it is easy to find yourself in their surroundings, and going through their trials and tribulations.   These books are about a culture based on war and killing and prostitutes. It is a culture who have been misled and succumbed to it’s most primal instincts over a millenia. The heroes, of course, change the course of their world’s history, but they are not immune to the evils of their world. Thus, the books have plenty of (offensive?) language and scenes. The Night Angel Trilogy is a compelling and engrossing read. It’s very much about courage, redemption and about how Love conquers all. With that I’m saying there is NOT A SHRED of Homophobia or Misogyny in this book.

I’m not going to write any spoilers for this outstanding set of books, just tell you to read them for yourself


Review: Holding Breath: A Memoir of AIDS’ Wildfire Days ~ Nancy Bevilaqua


When they met, David was a 41-year-old heroin addict, homeless and   dying of AIDS. The author was a 27-year-old, self-absorbed, bar-hopping would-be poet–  and his caseworker. In 1989, in New York City, there was nothing “manageable” about AIDS, and David would have only eight more months to live. Something about him drew her to him until the boundary between “caseworker” and “client” dissolved, and she fell in love with him. Living together in secrecy in his little Lower East Side studio for those final eight months, they hoped for the impossible until it was impossible to hope any more. In the short time they had together–a time that would change them both–they formed a relationship that would, sixteen years later, unexpectedly and with ferocity come back to haunt the author, send her into the full-fledged grief that she had denied herself when David died, and change her life once again.

5 Thumbs-Up

 I have just finished reading this book, and very much enjoyed it.

Ms. Bevilaqua writes about, what can be an emotive subject, with compassion and understanding, and not once did she point the finger of blame as can so often occur in this type of book. She treats David’s story with all the compassion and dignity it deserves

If you have very strong religious views about AIDS maybe this may not be the book for you.