Looking for a Book Review?


If you’re looking for a book review to be featured each day, this is probably not going to happen.  There are some days when I have a few to post, and others when, by sheer length of my current reads, I have none.

On these days, I like to post literary tidbits on the In This Day In Literary History page, to prevent the blog becoming stagnant and one dimensional.  Also I like to occasionally try my hand at writing what, I hope, are informative and thought provoking little articles on these non-review days.

If you are an Author I have agreed to review, and you’re wondering where it is, head over to my Goodreads page, and check out my currently reading list and see if you are there.  I am going to try and get my TR (to read) stack in some semblance of order over this weekend, to give you a better idea of when your book will be coming up.  I will also include any deadlines next to the book there, so you can see which Authors are wanting a review by a certain date.   I try to avoid this where possible, as I feel it is unfair to those Authors who don’t require a no later than date on their reviews, and to you I apologize.

So, with that said, please feel free to browse around; and you are more than welcome to send me any constructive criticism you feel may help my blog grow, by getting in touch with me through my Contact page.