No Postings on Sundays


Sundays used to be that day of the week where I could just laze around, relax, or catch up on whatever I needed to from my unfinished projects pile (UPP).  I seem to have lost this since I started my book review blog, *insert sniffle*.  It’s because of this, and I can’t stand to hear my UPP crying in the corner any longer, that I’m going to take a page out of the Chick-fil–a book, and not post anything on a Sunday.  Apart from this; explaining that I’m not going to be posting anything on Sunday.

If you really need to get in touch with me, although I really can’t see anyone having the type of book emergency that would require me, you can still reach me either through Goodreads, Facebook or my Contact page.

Now, where did I put my paint brush?