Review: Three Southern Short Stories ~ Karen Cunningham

3 Southern Short Stories

Three Southern Short Stories- a blend of humor, mystery and self sacrifice, from a uniquely Southern perspective.

Medium Gold-A spirit medium has her vacation sidetracked by the mischievous ghost of a Confederate officer who wants her help to find the gold he buried at the end of The War.

The Murder Code-A teenage boy inherits his grandfather’s shortwave radio, and stumbles across a coded message about his murder.

Hope Deferred Maketh the Heart Sick- A new life beckons to Millie, but she turns away to take care of her abusive ex husband because she thinks it’s the right thing to do.

4 Thumbs-Up

This is the first novel by this Author and has broken into the writing world with a wonderful little trilogy of short stories, of just the right length, and if the Author keeps up this level of writing in her next book and beyond, she will soon become a name on every book reader’s lips.

My favourite in this little trilogy had to be “The Murder Code”, which pulled me in as soon as I read “Tate had tee die.” It went from good to incredible from there.

As with all short story compilations, it is hard to write in detail about character development but, in the few pages allocated to each tale, not only is the Author able to write strong believable character, but make sure you are able to have an opinion about them too, whether you love or hate them.

The dialogue is pure Southern and, as a Brit, I sometimes had to ask my Husband what certain things meant as he is from the South.  All the knowledge and experiences the Author has of living in the South, and her wit and intelligence comes through with every word.

I would recommend this to anyone, as it covers most tastes, and is not offensive in any way. It’s a great little read to carry in your bag, so when the moment presents itself you have something to enjoy.   It’s a rare treasure in a world where most books and short stories are full of sex and unnecessary violence. Even the murder in the above mentioned story, is committed in a gentile Southern sort of way.


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