Review: Happy Easter ~ Michael Gemma

Happy Easter

For many many years people have adopted the Easter tradition of coloring and hiding eggs, and by far the most popular treat given to children to consume is the chocolate Easter bunny.

This is a short story about a twisted take on the holiday celebrations from the chocolate bunnies point of view.

*WARNING* this story contains gore, it is not intented to be read by children.

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This is definitely not a touchy feely short story intended for children.  This will also probably be the shortest review I’ve ever written and, to date the lowest rating.

The basic idea of the story is good, a nice little horror twist on the traditions of Easter.  It has all the components of intending to be a serious competitor in the horror short story club; blood, suspense, ‘monsters’ but falls short sadly.

There is no character development, and I’ve seen shorter novels with more character oomph than this one has, so length is not the issue.  Descriptions are reserved for the gory scenes, so another negative mark there unfortunately.  So what made me read this?  I like new twists on old traditions, and this had the hallmark of being able to deliver and, I think if the Author had spent a little more time thinking through his concept, it would’ve worked perfectly.  As it is I feel I wasted the 99c I paid for this, but if you are a little intrigued it’s now free on Amazon.

The proofreading and editing of this little tome was the worse I have seen so far (the spelling error in the disclaimer should have set my alarm bells ringing) and really detracted from the story the Author was trying to convey.  I’m not trying to be mean to the Author, as I understand we all have to start somewhere, but if you are going to offer your work for sale please make sure you have made the necessary corrections.

Again this is a first for me, and maybe because of all the ‘firsts’ I should have rated this higher but, I cannot recommend this short to anyone and, as it seems to be the first (there’s that word again) in an ongoing series I dread to think how the other parts will turn out.  In summary, this short read as if the Author has sat down one lunchtime, thrown a few words on paper, then published it; even Writers Carnival, where it was first featured on July 9 2013 no longer carries it, or the subsequent other 3 parts, on its website.  It’s not often I really mess up when buying a book based on Amazon’s ‘look inside’ feature, but oh boy was I duped this time.


2 thoughts on “Review: Happy Easter ~ Michael Gemma

  1. I’m so impressed with your skill as a reviewer. I take part in a critique website and sometimes struggle when critiquing excerpts that need work. But I thought you handled this very well — you were straightforward, explained the problems and did so while still sounding like a nice person! I’m hoping I absorbed some of your techniques.

    • Thank you Peggy.
      Receiving feedback helps me grow as a reviewer and, whether positive or negative, I can always pull something from it. I feel if Authors have taken time to write, they deserve an honest and unbiased review from me. I understand that it may not always be the one they think they deserve, but it is only my opinion, and intended to be mean.

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