2 thoughts on ““To pay or not to pay….”

  1. Cate, I follow your reviews specifically for the reasons you listed above. You did review my novel, and I hoped that you would because you are honest in your reviews. Beyond that, you try to present a balanced review. If you do not like a book, you do go to the trouble to point out things that you think the author does well.

    I believe that most readers are sophisticated enough to understand that there will be a range of ratings across many reviews. After all, we are asked now to rate everything in life in terms of stars. Just look at Amazon purchases, for example; and we have continuous requests for service feedback after a service center call. So hopefully authors, especially new ones such as myself, will develop the understanding that there will be a range of opinions about their works over time. To pay for a review, to me, is the height of insecurity. I want more people to review my novel. I just need to be patient! I try to distract myself from preoccupation with this by writing the next novel!

    Thank you for the work that you do.

  2. Daniel,

    Thank you for your comment, and opinions. I was hoping this might spark some kind of discussion amongst Authors and any other reviewers that may read this.

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