Review: Massive Black Hole ~ Andrea Barbosa

Massive Black Hole

Three women from very different backgrounds begin an unlikely friendship. While trying to achieve their goals, they question the meaning of life, death and the existence of hell. A series of unfortunate circumstances prompt them to play with each others’ fate, and the outcome is a challenge to their conscience, values and beliefs – until there is no more redemption to their unexpected awakening.

Cibele is Brazilian and she dreams of a life in New York. Agatha’s ambition is to become a famous fashion model. And Amy is a young scholar whose goal in life is to study sciences and astrophysics. Although they have nothing in common, their lives are weaved together and they become friends – a friendship that ultimately turns into a maze of betrayal, jealousy and selfishness, culminating in a most unexpected finale.

3 Thumbs-Up

This novel is a debut work for this Author.

This is a book with not one but what appears to be three female leads that need to be kept track of. Because of this it was difficult at times to keep remember which character I was involved with in that particular section of the book, and I found myself having to flip-flop around to make sense of what I was reading.  The characters are well written and not too badly developed; something I feel could have been improved upon if each characters story had been taken to the brink of the conclusion, then bringing in one of the others.  After all they were all involved in the same incident, no spoiler there, just a little tease.  The characters are, in essence, the main driving force of the story in this novel, but their lack of depth actually detracted from the read as a whole.  None of the three were what I would call particularly strong, but they did incite some emotion from me, so in that they are worth reading about; you will either love them all or hate them individually for their flaws.

It is apparent from the way the Author describes her locations that she has travelled extensively and has personal knowledge of the places she writes of.  However, in some areas these descriptions became so detailed I felt as if I were reading a travel guide.  Unfortunately though, as well as the locations were written and a picture painted, it did not make me want to pack a bag and hop the next flight to either Brazil or New York.  Regardless of this I did get hints of Joyce Carol Oates whilst reading, with maybe a pinch of a couple of Authors I couldn’t quite place.

I think for me personally, the downside to this book was finding out about halfway through it was actually one of my dreaded romance novels and not a ‘mystery’ as I understood it to be.  This did not stop me from reading to the end, and has not influenced my review in any way either.

This is a good little read, if you can get past the romance, and I would recommend it as a beach read, or something for a lazy evening on your deck in your yard.  I feel it would be suitable for an older YA reader as well as adult readers.