Review: The Metatronic Chronicles: Book I: a Minor Inconvenience ~ Kathleen Esther

MetatronicIn the Metatronic universe, Heaven and Hell are located in a spatial void that exists outside of what we understand to be our universe. Angelic assignment outside of this “Void” is a plum job as it involves the populating of entire planets, which gives angels the utmost freedom to wander.

Michael and Daniel Wilder are normal teenage boys who live in a small Wisconsin town, trying to keep up with school, meet girls, play their music and keep their parents off their backs. When an unexpected tragedy whisks them off into the lives they are destined for before they are ready, they find themselves in a fantastic world of angels, swordplay and adventure. However, with school still needing to be attended to, a baby on the way and being expected to fulfill new responsibilities, life becomes very complicated.

To top it off, the new baby just happens to be Metatron, creator of the universes, chief of all angels and a general pain in the ass.

4 Thumbs-Up

This is the first part of what could turn out to be a very entertaining series of books and, at only 266 pages not an epic in any sense of the word.

This book is a fun take on the all too often done to death topic of angels; different because this one involves teenagers and everything they bring to the table with them.  Teenagers are always a tricky age to write about, I feel, too much angst and the adult reader just rolls their eyes and wants to shake them, not enough personality and the same reaction may occur.  In this novel the Author has managed to write her teenage characters beautifully, portraying them as people you actually care about and are interested in.  The Author develops not only theirs, but each of her characters in such a way that they come to life on the page and make you actually feel as if you are a part of the world they inhabit.

This book is sexually raw in some places, which makes it not a suitable read for children, but it is also humourous and fast paced too with the perfect balance between drama, action and comedic episodes; because of this you want to read more and I, for one, will be continuing to follow the series as it becomes available.  I recommend this book to the more mature YA readers as well as adults who are looking for something fun and a little bit different from the norm.


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