Review: The Trust Casefiles ~ Lee Cushing

Trust CasefilesThe Trust – A secret organization comprised of thousands of independent field units fighting an eternal war against demonic forces that prey on the innocent.

One such unit is led by Alexandra Glinyeu, a Voodoo Priestess. Her top operatives are former vigilantes, Forrest King and Catherine Jordan – two people who have discovered that the demons they fight could be anyone – friend, lover or family.

This collection of their exploits include Catherine facing the prospect of potential lifelong happiness with a new love when she helps the head of a Trust library whose former girlfriend has returned as a blood sucking Nelapsi, an unidentified flesh-eating creature stalking an isolated community living on a small island, an American television star under sentence of death and an ancient evil returning from beyond the grave.

3 Thumbs-Up

Just because you feel this may be yet another vampire book and pass it over, I have to warn you that you may regret not taking the time to read this, apparently, collection of tales.  Take the time to pick this up and you will quickly discover it is something more than that; it is full of a variety of beings of both the vampiric and supernatural variety, and their coming to be included in the ‘Casefiles’.

Because of the vast number of different beings covered, not to mention a myriad of their opponents, this novel did have a tendency to become muddled at times, which made it a challenging read in a few areas.  Some parts did not quite flow on from one another and this led to some confusion and backtracking on my part as I read it.  Perhaps if this book had been broken down in to smaller bite-sized parts all the different characters would have been easier to keep track.  Also the main characters could have benefitted from a little more time being taken on their development earlier in the book as there was nothing about them that would help the reader engage with them from the start, and I found myself becoming rather bored with them in places.

With this said, the Author has invested a lot of time into providing readers with a host of unique vampires, not one of which ‘sparkle’, and showing a side to this topic the reader rarely sees, which is that they are as diverse in their nature as we humans are.  To add to this unique perspective of the vampire, the plot is equally as refreshing.  There are numerous twists and turns which keep the reader on their toes, and the plot moving along at a nice pace.  However, a good editor may have pointed out that there needs to be a few more breadcrumbs in the book, as even the most dedicated of readers can find themselves getting lost occasionally, that would be me again, and these would help them back on to the path.  Regardless of this minor point I found it to be a very enjoyable read.

I would recommend this fast paced, action packed book to anyone who likes their vampire tales traditional, but with a slight twist. Also lovers of supernatural tales would find this book enjoyable.


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