Review: Trallis the Warrior and the Sword of Unimaginable Power (The ridiculously Epic Saga of Trallis the Warrior) ~ Jack Thomas

TrallisIn this first episode of Trallis the Warrior’s epic saga, the man who describes himself as a “freelance warrior” sets off on his quest for loot, excitement, and something good to eat. When Trallis finds what is perhaps the greatest sword in existence right at the start of his journey, he’s obviously rather delighted! He could never have guessed however that by the end of it all he would have soggy pants and a good chance of slight brain damage. All in a day’s work though for our dear warrior!

“Trallis the Warrior and the Sword of Unimaginable Power” is a humorous fantasy short story by author Jack Thomas. It is the first installment of “The Ridiculously Epic Saga of Trallis the Warrior”.

4 Thumbs-Up

This is an epic book in the most tongue in cheek sense that I’ve read in a long time, as its ‘epicness’ spreads out over a whole 22 pages.

If you’re looking for magic, swords that throw up, lots of food and a hero written the style of Terry Pratchett and the Monty Python crew, this is a definite read for you.

It’s funny, fast-moving and provides everyone that touches it with snacks along the way.  If you like monsters in your tales; this one has them, although not in the way you would imagine.  They come with their own issues and style that you won’t find anywhere else; think Shrek on a not so good day.

If you want a read that will have you chuckling at the antics our hero deals with, and he has a lot more patience than I would with his ‘chatty’ friend, pick this up and dig in.  There’s nothing offensive, crude or lewd about it, so you may even want to share it with your children.