Review: Boxed in a Curse (Accursed Women) ~ Luciana Cavallaro

Boxed in a cursePandora, the first woman on Earth, was endowed with many gifts: beauty, intelligence, domesticity, and curiosity. She was at once lover, sympathiser and nurturer. Zeus presented an urn as her wedding dowry. Neither she nor her husband, Epimethos knew what it contained inside, and Hermes, the Messenger, warned them never to open it.

So the story goes… according to Grandpa.

Two precocious children visit their grandfather and beg him to tell a story. It wasn’t ‘on a dark and stormy night’ or ‘once upon a time’ type of story either.

4 Thumbs-UpThis is a very short story, at 40 pages in length, and is the 4th part of a series of shorts about Famous Greek women by this Author.

As the title suggests, this little novella is all about Pandora.  However, we don’t hear the tale of her encounter with the box through her own words, but rather it is told through the eyes of a grandparent relating the story to their family.  Despite this method of storytelling, Pandora really does come over as being a very strong and capable woman, one the reader can actually like.

I always enjoy new twists on old myths, classic novel or legends and this easy read did not fail to deliver.  The Author obviously researched the Pandora myth to provide more substance and details to it, as well as providing her writers imagination.  In doing this the Author manages to remove a lot of the preconceptions people have when hearing the name Pandora, and also went someway to removing the stigma that surrounded women in, not only Greek mythology but throughout a lot of that period’s history.  By doing this the Author reveals a highly intelligent woman who had trouble fitting into her ‘assigned place’ in a world run by men.

After reading this, I definitely will be reading the other shorts in this series, and hope that eventually the Author will combine them all in one edition.  I would recommend this for anyone that is looking for a quick, but thought-provoking read.