Unlike Me ~ Frank DiLuzio

lost love

I’m drowning. My own sad thoughts are pulling me under
to the airless world. I wish you were here to shine light
onto the darkness. To fill my lungs with your air. To
untangle me from the seaweed and tell me everything’s
going to be okay. But you’re not. My awkwardness was
too much. I let my heart off its leash and it became putty
in your hands. But you had better things to do and left it
dangling on a rusty old nail. It hangs there, deflated. I
can’t love so I swallow water to fill the emptiness. I’ve
lost the battle. Have no more fight left in me. As I touch
rock bottom, a spark ignites my soul. “Don’t give up” the
thought swims through me. I push myself through the
pain and reach life support at the top. If I don’t have
the strength to survive, who else will? I need to grow
wings and fly on my own. Fly over all of my mistakes
and pick up the pieces of my heart that were left behind.
I was drowning. My own sad thoughts were pulling me
under to the airless world. But I would rather be a blue
jay in the sky than a dead fish in the water.

~ Frank DiLuzio