Big News of the Week


I wanted to take a brief time out from the book review today to let you know some things that are going on.

As you know the closing date for donations of print copy books for the ‘Big Heart Project‘, which will be priority reads and reviews, is the end of November; to be exact the 30th of November.  I would like to thank Lex Allen for getting the word out to a wider audience than I could ever hope to reach and, from this, there have been some more donations pledged from Authors I am looking forward to reading.  If you have non-Author friends that would like to donate, this is fine also as long as the books are gently used with no rips, tears or badly broken spines.  I know this sounds very picky on my part, but these books are going to a local Veteran’s home and I would like to give them the best experience possible; that is to say the pages aren’t going to fall out the first time they pick them up.

1After having it brought to my attention by a follower (this makes me feel rather subconscious having followers), for any Authors that would like to print out a copy of their review for a scrapbook/’I love me book’ or any other place they may keep a collection of words on their works, there is now a print button at the end of each post.   However, if you intend to print out something other than your own work, please contact the Author concerned first as a courtesy.  I’m sure you would appreciate the same courtesy being shown to you in regards to your work.

Lastly the podcast, ‘The Acorn’.  I know it has been a while since I mentioned this, and some may be thinking that the idea has been shelved; not the case.  I am currently in the process of compiling a list of questions for several Authors who have agreed to appear on the show, and as I want to tailor these to each of the Authors, it is taking some time.  The opening credits, and some sound bites for the show are about to be pre-recorded meaning a huge step forward towards the actual first show going live.

Thanks for all your patience as I tweak and adjust the blog, and for allowing me a few lines to keep you up to date on what is happening.  The normal book review will return tomorrow.  Also if any of you have any comments or suggestions of things you would like to see covered on the blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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