Review: The Rise (Trials and Triumph #1) ~ Kenneth E. Nowell

The RiseJesus Christ s cryptic question has puzzled Christians for twenty centuries: If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? (John 21:22) Now, when a bizarre death shatters the serenity of a New York monastery, and a mysterious, Semitic drifter is accused of murder, the ultimate forces of innocence and iniquity are set on a collision course, careening to the Apocalyptic end of the Age. Highly researched and eerily reflective of today’s global headlines, this trilogy races around the world and through the centuries to a pulse-pounding climax.

2 Thumbs-UpThis novel is the first of a trilogy, and is definitely of the Christian Fiction genre.

From a character development point of view, as I read my way through this book I noticed that the majority of characters were, or seemed to be, a hodgepodge of current day cultural icons spanning from generic political figures through to well-known media ‘darlings’.  Using this approach to their characters, I felt that the Author had negated the necessity to give them any real depth or back story, as it was assumed that we would know everything we needed to about them from their intrusion into our everyday lives.  I think this book could have been taken up a notch by using more original characters, giving them back stories and personalities a reader could actually relate to and, in turn, come to care about the characters themselves.

Some readers may pick this up and feel like they have read it before, this is due I feel to the great similarities this book has with ‘The Left Behind’ series; it is nothing like that series.  The Author has a great writing style, and this makes the book flow along at a nice pace, they have filled it with footnotes that support the great amount of research the Author has put into writing this novel, and are there for any others who may want to dig deeper into this subject for themselves.  However, there are times when the book becomes a little derailed, and the reader can find themselves lost as to what is actually occurring.  Whether or not these loose ends will be picked up and tied off neatly in subsequent books would be interesting to see, even if they are it will be still hard for the Author to justify the inclusion of suicide in these books.

Unfortunately, and here I must apologise to the Author, this book was not for me as at times I felt I was being preached to and told that if I didn’t follow steps A-Z I was a lost soul.  I have read some great Christian Fiction but, sadly, this was not one of them and I doubt I will be reading the remaining books in this trilogy.

I would recommend this book to lovers of the Christian Fiction genre, but if you are expecting to find a budding C.S Lewis or Tim F. LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins combination, you will be sorely disappointed.


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