Review: Crossings (The Harry Reese Mysteries #2) ~ Robert Bruce Stewart

CrossingsPart mystery, part parody, Crossings is the second novel in the Harry Reese Mystery series. It’s the spring of 1901, a time when Brooklyn’s own corrupt political machine, Willoughby Street, is more than a match for Manhattan’s Tammany Hall. Harry is seeking a link between the apparent suicide of an insurance agent and the untimely deaths of two of his clients. To solve the case, he must visit gambling parlors, vice dens and, finally, New Jersey, while corrupt cops, opportunistic con men and often his own wife do what they can to mislead him.

4 Thumbs-UpThis is the second offering in the Harry Reese Mysteries series and, after reading and reviewing the third book in this series I decided to backtrack to the second.

Everything that made the characters so appealing and likeable in Kalorama Shakedown is here in this novel which makes this yet another enjoyable standalone read, as well as an equally well written part of a series. The characters are still portrayed as normal people, and I feel it is this trait that the Author manages to consistently instil in them that makes the reader root for them at every turn of the page. The Author gives all his characters witty dialogue, and places them in the kind of humourous situations that some readers may, in some way relate to and others wish they could be a part of.

Once again the locations are soberly descriptive and give an interesting insight to the reader of life in this era, the early 1900’s.  I would not say the people living in this time were naive, as things seemed to be more simple back then, but at times the Author verges on point the point of making these people seem a little slow, before realising their error and moving on in the novel.

A lot less hectic than the third book the series, there is still a great deal going on within its pages; travelling, fun and death.  This makes this book another good mystery with an unexpected ending.  I feel this series of books sits firmly in the cozy mystery genre, and would highly recommend it to lovers of this genre as well as those who enjoy an entertaining read.