Review: The Color of Night ~ Jack Thomas

color of nightThey’re no more than a few acres across, with streets and buildings on every side–yet Patrick Reed is inexplicably drawn to the woods behind his house. What he finds amongst those trees in the scarce light of the moon is an ancient power that is both wonderful and terrifying. He embraces this power at first… but when odd things begin to happen in Hillward, he’s the only one who can protect the little town from the darkness that lingers there. Now, while avoiding the attention of his concerned parents and maintaining a budding friendship with a special classmate, Patrick must use his new-found power to uncover the mystery of the beckoning crow before the whole town is engulfed in shadow…

3 Thumbs-UpThis is a debut novel from this Author, and provides a new and interesting twist on the usual fare produced for the YA paranormal fiction genre.

The characters are well written and developed, which makes them the kind of people the reader can easily identify with and want to stand behind through thick and thin.  Despite the slew of characters in this novel, at no time does the reader feel like there are too many to keep track of, although the sudden change from first to third person narrative at the beginning of the book may have some confused; I know it took me a few pages to get back on track when the change occurred.  There is some romance in this novel, a fact I was not aware of when reading the synopsis, but it is written in such a way that the characters involved are not being portrayed as overly ‘hot and heavy’, which I found to be a nice change from some YA budding romance scenes.  Because of the Authors treatment of the romantic portions of their novel, a trait of the main protagonist shines through where otherwise it may not have surfaced at all; that trait is one of purity, and to see what I mean by this exactly, you would have to read the book.

Set in a small town, the Author does a great job of capturing the essence of such a place and its heart too, while managing to weave in enough intrigue to keep the reader turning the pages until the end.  It is obvious from the way in which this novel is written that the Author has a definite end destination in mind for the reader, and it is apparent from the way the storyline progresses they know exactly how to lead the reader to that point.

Written in a crisp manner, with plenty to keep the reader turning the pages, I would recommend this book to all lovers of YA fiction.


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