A Book From Every State In the Union


Reading a book set in the place you hail from can bring about a feeling of warm nostalgia as you recognise the places of your youth as you read it; it can also remind you of why you left there in the first place, and squash any ideas you may have for returning.

To round out this Thanksgiving week, here is a selection of famous books from each state.  Is your favourite among them, or is there something you think is worth reading but not listed?  If there is, please let me know as in 2014 I aim to read and review a book from each of the States (and maybe continents too), and would love some recommendations.  I hasten to add that none of the books listed here will be included in my quest.

books in set each state


3 thoughts on “A Book From Every State In the Union

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    • I’ve read “To KIll A Mockingbird” several times, and love it. The movie was very well done too, I’m glad they’ve never felt the need to remake it.

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