“Big Heart Project” – Books for Veterans


December is a very busy month for me with Trees for Troops, Snowball Express and also Survivor Outreach Services, the book reviews will be a little thinner on the ground than usual.  This does not mean I’m stopping doing them, there just may not be one posted everyday as I usually do.

With this out of the way, the deadline for receipt of print copies for donation to the local Veteran’s Home is now closed.  I am delivering the books next week, and will be posting pictures on the Big Heart Project page, if I am allowed to take any and post them without requiring a release form.  In January 2014 I will begin accepting print copy donations for delivery in December of 2014, to either another Veteran’s Home in the area or our local Fisher House.

Thank you to all Authors who have donated print copies of their work, I am sure the veterans will be as thankful for your generosity as I was overwhelmed.


4 thoughts on ““Big Heart Project” – Books for Veterans

  1. This is great news, Cate! I hope you’ll be able to post a lot of pictures and I’m looking forward to supporting your next effort… ;o) All the best!

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