Review: Rhythms of Life ~ Loretta Livingstone



57 verses about love, life, laughter, seasons, and God. Serious, funny, romantic, spiritual. Smile, laugh, sigh, pray, maybe shed a tear.



5 Thumbs-UpThis is the second collection of poetry from this Author, and it is nowhere near as good as the first collection; it far exceeds it.

Whilst reading this I was aware of how much the Author had grown since they wrote their first collection, not only in content but in writing style.  Whether you burnt out on poetry at school, or looking for a way to introduce poetry into your reading; if you pick up this small collection of 57 poems you will not be disappointed.

This collection covers everything about life the reader could think of from love to junk mail and beyond.  My favourite poems in this collection, and by far the best work to date from this Author, are The Mountain and The Unseen Rose.  Through reading these it is apparent that the Author has finally found her stride and the words just flow off the page and through the mind long after the book has been laid aside.

I highly recommend this collection, as well as her early works, to lovers of poetry or any reader that is looking for a piece of work that speaks to them.


2 thoughts on “Review: Rhythms of Life ~ Loretta Livingstone

  1. Hi Cate,

    Thank you so much. What a wonderful review. I’m over the moon. I had hoped it was a stronger book, so it’s brilliant to know I’ve stepped up to the mark. My only worry mow is – will I be able to keep it up! Gasp!

    And I’m so thrilled to have made the 5 thumb grade. It means a lot, because I know you only give them when you really mean it. Hopefully it will help my dismal sales. Thanks, too, for bringing it forward, for whilst it would have been a nice way to start the New Year, it will hopefully result in more sales this side of Christmas now. I hope it didn’t inconvenience you too much, or throw your schedule out of kilter. I just wish I could “like” the review on your WordPress page, but still can’t get back into my own account. Sigh! I wonder if I gave them Iain’s mobile. I never remember to try to get in again when he’s home.

    I hope the veterans were pleased with all the books. It’s a nice cause. If you have another one due after my shorts book is out, I’ll let you have a copy of that for them.

    Cheers. Enjoy your Christmas preparations.


    Loretta Livingstone Author: Rhythms of Life Hopes, Dreams & Medals, Jumping in the Puddles of Life, Fire and Ice


    • It was a pleasure reading your work Loretta. Hopefully I’ll be able to take pictures of the book delivery on Wednesday, and then post them for all to see.

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