Review: Running Robbers ~ J.F. Lourens

Running RobbersDragged into the clutches of a child trafficking ring and forced to witness the brutal killing of those she loves, Aine McCready vows to survive and avenge…

Just fifteen and an orphan, Aine McCready makes a living as one of Madame Victoria’s Running Robbers in a world of crime and violence in downtown Dublin. She is familiar with abuse and pain, and nine years in the system has taught her to survive. When ill fate drags her into the clutches of a child trafficking ring, destined to ply the sex trade, or God forbid, become fodder for the organ harvesting market, Aine discovers a new dimension to evil, one that knows no bounds. Smuggled from Ireland to the United States, Aine learns first hand just how brutal her captors are; witnesses how resistance to their lures is met by cruel punishment when masked men butcher and discard her companions like rotten waste. There is no escaping the inevitable; no-one is coming to her rescue. But Aine’s captors soon discover a harsh reality of their own: Aine has nothing to lose and a strong resolve: To survive and avenge…

4 Thumbs-UpWarning:  if you are of a sensitive disposition, and find yourself easily upset this book is definitely not one you should pick up.  It is also the first in a trilogy.

The characters in this book are so well written, so alive that they seem to come off the pages of this book and hit the reader squarely between the eyes with their emotions and feelings.  There are many characters in this book, but all are expertly written and in such a way that you will want to step in to stop the degradations they are going through and try to make everything right again for them; those that do step into this role within this novels pages will have you cheering them on and supporting them every step of the way, and feeling their frustration when things go awry.  The bad guys, and again there are plenty, are the kind that you insist justice is served upon and if not by legal means, a quick trip out to ‘the back 40’ would soon put an end to them.  They are the type of character that the reader hates with a passion, and their mere existence adds to this novel on so many different levels.

It is apparent from the way the action moves long in a seamless manner and the excellent plot line that the Author has done their research, as difficult as it may have been.  The real skill of this writer is the way in which they bring it all together in a neat package and present the seamy side of life to the reader in all its vivid detail; it’s gory, sickening and totally unashamedly depraved in some areas, but this is key to the book being able to make the impact it does.  Even the way in which this novel abruptly ends fits into the subject matter perfectly it leaves the reader wanting more, wanting to know where the story goes from here.  This book also makes you think and examine the world in which we live, a world that has so many underlying sub-societies we don’t know anything about, or chose to ignore; it makes the reader wonder how much longer the human race can continue in this vein before we self-destruct.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants their view of the world around them challenged and wants to be made to think, and I will definitely be reading the remaining books in the trilogy as they are released.