Review: Clone Hunter (Clone Rebellion Chronicles) ~ Victor Methos

Clone HunterBorn in a laboratory for war or pleasure, they live as slaves, unable to fight those that oppress them . . . all, except one.

A single clone is no longer willing to live in slavery and has declared war on those that would subjugate her.

Hunted by the most powerful men in existence and a threat to the social order, if she wants her freedom she must fight her way through bounty hunters, war machines, and the deadliest enemy of all: her own kind . . .

3 Thumbs-UpIt’s a cliché I know, but to write this review caused me a lot of brain searching and even more cups of coffee until I finally came up with something that I felt were my accurate views on this read, and also did the book justice; the problem with this book, for me, was not that I didn’t like it I just didn’t like all of it.

Written from at least 5 different points of view, this book is, for the main, very well written.  The multiple perspectives add depth to the storyline but also cause a few problems too.  As the action gains momentum it feels as if the Author loses their grip on the point of view from which they are writing and the result of this is that they have a tendency to backtrack over many of the scenes previously covered.  The characters are written according to the point of view they are presenting, and their background and personality are adapted to suit this; unfortunately the reader never gains any grasp on the motivation behind any of these characters, but this could be an intentional move on the part of the Author, and hopefully all will be revealed in future instalments of the series.  The reader is made, in some way, to care for the characters which is a good thing, but in doing this I found that I really couldn’t bring myself to have any connection with the main protagonist who remains hidden from view until almost the end of the novel.

With a compelling writing style the Author created a whole universe for the reader to immerse themselves in, but it was also this writing style that prevented me from absorbing it completely.  Too many of the sentences started the same way and, after some time this not only became very monotonous but made me feel the Author had lost their way, or in the most extreme cases, was just CTRL- C portions of their work and editing a few lines here and there.

If you are looking for a gripping sci-fi read with lots of action and a story that will keep you page turning until the end, then this book is for you.  If you’re looking for a book that is linear in its telling and non-repetitive; this may not be the book you’re looking for.

I would recommend this book purely because it is a good read, just don’t expect wonderful character development and you won’t be disappointed.