Review: The Dragon Inside ~ J.A. Edwards

DragonsOn the planet of Naronna, Brie was a simple bakery owner who kept to herself. No one suspected her to be a runaway from a powerful royal family from Malta. Her life was about to change when that dragon inside of her no longer was content to remain dormant.

Brie’s real name is Brieanika, and she holds several royal titles on two separate planets. Since she ran away she managed to live her life the way she liked for over a thousand years, but it had all come to an end. Royal guards were sent to retrieve her so she could learn how to control the dragon and to become one with it. Though she dreaded returning to the life that she didn’t know, she had no choice but to join her people and fulfill her destiny.

In this exciting fantasy tale, accompanied by Trace, her Sentinel, and a few friends, Brie rediscovers her heritage, stumbles through her new life within the royal court, and learns what it really means to be a dragon. While doing all of that, she must continue to do everything in her power to thwart the plans of the person intent on ending her life.

4 Thumbs-UpThis book is definitely a hidden gem, and many may be fooled by the cover that could indicate this is a children’s book; this is a book that all ages can read and enjoy either alone or together.

The main protagonist is fun, intelligent, strong and assertive, and this combination together could have quite easily led to a somewhat overbearing female lead; this was not the case in this book.  Using the voice of their main character, the Author manages to propel a story about acceptance of not only ourselves but of others in such a way that it is easy to forget that this is fantasy novel; this character is so likeable that it would be difficult for any reader not to connect with her and find something in her that they could easily like and want to emulate.

In a way that I’ve not seen in a book in long time, the Author manages to have a storyline that doesn’t lack in momentum, and everything that happens with in this novel’s pages pertains to the main plot.  There is no overuse of long descriptive scenes being used a fillers, everything read has a purpose in helping the reader come to the end of the book.  This is a tough book to put down and is wonderful way to spend a cold rainy day wrapped up in its adventures.

I would highly recommend this book to lovers of the fantasy genre, and will be reading the next instalment in this sequel.


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