‘What’s happening?’



I’m just bringing everyone up to date what will be happening, or not, with the blog in the near future.  By posting this out there now, I’m hoping to avoid causing a disturbance in the force of whatever Universe you read this from; and wherever that is, I am truly grateful for the time you give over to read my ramblings.

Unfortunately, due to long term commitments, and the curve balls the Military likes to throw at us as a Family, there will be no postings on the following dates:

21st to 23rd February

28th February to the 3rd March

27th to 31st March

I will do my utmost to have something scheduled to post on these days but, in case my cunning plan falls through, by letting you know in advance you will not think that I am abandoning my book reviews and other tidbits I share with you.

Thank you, once again for the time you take to read the blog and the comments you frequently make.