Review: Freezing Point ~ Karen Dionne

freezing point“Salvation and annihilation meet at one degree.One man’s dream of providing clean drinking water for millions, tapped from the polar ice, sparks a conflict of humanity, science, big business, and environmental extremism.But no one can foresee the true danger hidden deep within the ice – an enemy more deadly than any could imagine, and an apocalyptic horror mankind may not survive.”


2 Thumbs-UpI’m not entirely sure how this book came to be in reading stack, as I’ve not heard of this Author before now.  This is a different type of book insomuch as it is not only fiction but includes a lot of aspects of real world concerns within its pages.  If you like a book that will make you think and question things, then you might like to pick this up.  This is also a debut novel for this Author.

As much as I liked this book, I felt I could not rate it any higher than I did due to a number of things, one of these being the vast number of characters that appear in it.  Some just pop in then drop from sight; others are continued throughout the book.  Because of this it is hard to identify one main protagonist as each of the cast has an important role to play in the telling of this story.  Despite the difficulty in keeping track of this ‘cast of thousands’ if the reader manages to make it to the end their roles in what has been read before all comes together.

Another reason for the lower rating than it might have been given was all the extra details that the Author included in their novel.  These had a tendency to really slow the storyline down, and in order to keep the book moving along I felt that the development of the character was given a very low priority.  Combine these with too many clichés and some obvious, and not so obvious, research errors and what could have being an outstanding, well crafted and captivating thriller turned into just another, well just another book really.  I felt with the use of a really good editor this book could have been so much more.

I am going to recommend this book purely because of the fact that it makes the reader think and reassess the world they live in.