Review: Left on the Edge (Woodmere #1) ~ Sarah Richards

left on the edgeJust after her seventeenth birthday during winter break, Autumn and her sister receive an announcement from their parents. They are moving back to the Midwest, to a Minnesota town not even large enough to earn a dot on the map. Woodmere is where people have grown up together for generations. It is a town full of gossips and busybodies making sure secrets don’t remain private for long. Memories from her stolen childhood are unlocked during what should have been a routine move. Autumn finds herself suddenly faced with a past she wishes could be forgotten again. A past filled with events she hasn’t told anyone. The man she fears is now only hours away. In an attempt to hide, Autumn becomes the person she didn’t know she could be. Finds the strength she didn’t know she had. In Woodmere, Autumn discovers she isn’t the only one with secrets.

Part of the ‘A Book from every State of the Union’ Reading Challenge – Minnesota.

4 Thumbs-UpThis is a debut novel from this Author, and is the first in the Woodmere Trilogy

For a first book, the Author has done a wonderful job in developing their characters.  The main protagonist is a 17 year old girl, but unlike many of this age group that readers encounter in their literature, this teenager is anything but full of angst.  The situations that this character encounters, and the feelings these situations invoke in her are, by the use of a skilful hand brought to life on the page for the reader; many young women experience these same feelings and knowing this makes this character all the more three dimensional and believable.  As we follow the main character through the novel, the reader can only be impressed by the ability in which the Author is able to catch the essence of what is like to be this age, whether male or female there is something that either gender will find likeable in them.  Not limiting their writing skill to the development of the characters contained within this book’s pages, the Author extends these to the interactions between other characters and also into the mains family itself.  It is almost as if the book is a biography rather than a piece of fiction.

A downside to this book, I found, was that it was a little slow for my liking and I’m not sure if this was intended to be the case and leave the reader wanting more.  Locations were written well but, as I’ve not been to this part of the US yet, I can’t say whether or not they give a true reflection of life in this part of the country.  I’m sure other readers who choose to pick this up, and live in MN may be able to judge this area of the book in a better light than I can.

This was a very good first novel, and I would highly recommend it to those readers who enjoy the’ coming of age’ genre.  Not my favourite genre by any means, reading this book has made me want to read more in this Trilogy and by this Author.


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