Review: Children of Fire ~ Mary Fonvielle

Children of fire“An entire race no one has seen in hundreds of years.”

Born to a people reduced to legend and superstition, Ankenar was ready to live out his life as the overlooked middle child, but when his family and race are threatened he must reach out to a world that has forgotten him.


4 Thumbs-UpWarning: read this book at your own peril.  This short will draw you in hook, line and sinker and leave you frustrated at the end with the words “To be continued”

At only 90 pages long, this short sets the groundwork for some extremely believable characters that will have you fully connecting to them by the time those dreaded words above appear on the page.  This was the perfect start to a series; not too long that the reader would wonder whether they would be able to carry on the journey with the characters, but also not too short to have them thinking I really don’t care what happens to them.  The only way I can accurately write my opinions on the main protagonist is to liken them to someone you meet at either a dinner or conference, do not get to spend too much time getting to know them, but learn just enough to make you want more.

The Author manages, with great skill and use of words to pack a dynamic storyline into a very small amount of pages; and it’s this plot that will have the reader fully exercising their imagination and creativity as they read about the world the Author has created.  There were many things that brought to mind for me the possibility that this short was the stepping off point into an epic not dissimilar to The Lord of the Rings, which not a bad thing at all, as the plot line is not similar and, therefore, leaves lot of room for expansion into a new and equally enveloping realm.

The reason I gave this book 4 thumbs was its length; it left me wanting more, and this means I will definitely be reading the remainder of books in this series as fast as the Author can publish.  I would, therefore, highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy epics, but would strongly advise them to have book 2 in the series on hand for when they reach the end of this one.