Review: Sweet Holy Motherfucking Everloving Delusional Bastard ~ Jerome Segundo

delusionalAdrift, inexperienced, loveless, and unemployed, recent college grad Jerome Segundo remedies all these deficiencies simultaneously upon landing a job and striking up a romance with a coworker. His consort, slightly older chronologically but infinitely more sophisticated and experienced, exposes him to the delights of cuisine, culture, and sex (occasionally in tandem). Their relationship blossoms and his world opens up—until a sexual assault charge brings it crashing down.

4 Thumbs-UpHowever you may feel about the type of language that the Author chose to use in his title please, whatever else you may think do not think that this is a book written by a person who cannot string a coherent sentence together.  It does, however, leave me in a quandary as how to actually review this novel, as it’s not quite like anything I’ve read before.

To be taken at face value this book would appear to be the ramblings of someone not quite in their right mind, but when the reader begins to look deeper into the text they see it is the memoir of the Author, warts and all.  To be honest trying to review this book is difficult because of the nature of the memoir, and to delve too deeply into the book would ultimately reveal too much of what is in its pages.

This is a memoir that has been penned by a man with a definite gift for writing, and despite it often dark passages there are some truly humourous moments contained within its covers.  There are large amounts of sexual content in this book, and it is very graphic in nature; to be honest though this lends more to the telling of the Authors life than any other vehicle used in the book, and without it the reader would have been possibly left scratching their head in bewilderment.  Is it a book that will offend some, absolutely.  It is also a book that will make the reader realize that gross miscarriages of justice in our ‘perfect’ world can, and do, take place and with long reaching consequences to those who have been subject to its bite.

This is definitely not a light read, but I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading memoirs of people other than those the media say we should worship.


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