Review: The Dogs of War ~ Lisa Rogak

The Dogs of WarMilitary working dogs gained widespread attention after Cairo participated in the SEAL Team 6 mission that led to Osama bin Laden’s death. Before that, few civilians realized that dogs served in combat, let alone that they could parachute from thirty thousand feet up.

The Dogs of War reveals the amazing range of jobs that our four-legged soldiers now perform, examines the dogs’ training and equipment, and sets the record straight on those rumors of titanium teeth. You’ll find heartwarming stories of the deep bond that dogs and their handlers share with each other, and learn how soldiers and civilians can help the cause by fostering puppies or adopting retirees.

An incredible story of the largely unseen but vital role that dogs play in our armed forces, The Dogs of War is a must-read for animal lovers everywhere.

5 Thumbs-UpIf you are picking this up expecting a book full of personal stories about military working dogs and the unique relationship that exists between them and their handlers, you may be disappointed as this book is written more along the lines of a history of the military working dog from how they came about to their current purpose in today’s military.

It is immediately apparent when reading this book that the Author has done their research as they cover, in fine detail, the selection process for a puppy to become a Military Working Dog (MWD) right through to their retirement and transition, hopefully to a civilian life.  With so much research and detail this is a book that could easily have turned into something resembling a research paper, but the Author manages to avoid this pitfall turning the book into an informative memoir through the telling of the stories of different dogs and the roles they play as a MWD.  Each chapter of the boo k is given over to a particular dog and their handler, and this leads to a greater understanding of the bonds created between the two, and the heartbreak felt when one or the other is lost.

Interspersed with some wonderful photographs that show these dogs in action, this is a book that will surely capture the reader and pull them in from the very first page.  It is emotional, funny, and above all informative and will give many readers a greater insight into the life of a MWD, and why they are held in such high esteem not only by their handlers, but by the Service Members they work alongside.  I could write a lot more about this book in my review, but to do so would involve quoting portions of the book to illustrate what a great read it is, and I would rather the reader find that out for themselves.

I would highly recommend this book to dog lovers and those interested in the military.


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