Review: Where Angels Tread ~ Loretta Livingstone

Where Angels TreadJeannie: Innocent and shy. Kicked out by her mother, Rita.
Matt: Predatory and dangerous. Is Rita really who he wants?
Rod and Carla on a romantic city break, and Jeremy, just seven years old, out with his dad.
And just who exactly is Mike? Could there be more to him than meets the eye?
Strangers whose lives are destined to cross more than once and change forever.

4 Thumbs-UpMaking the transition from Poet to Author is a tricky one that some Poets are not able to make successfully; however, this Poet has managed to add Author to their résumé with what appears to be consummate ease.

In this debut novella the readers given the chance to read of series of short stories; but are they just short stories?  Each one of them is a tale within itself, but the Author manages skilfully to weave them all together to centre on the main character.  The stories are all based on the same theme, but told from the different perspectives of each of the characters involved.

The characters are well-written and immediately spring to life on the page.  In writing the characters this Author has managed to give a name and a back story to members of our society that often go overlooked, the homeless.  The main protagonist, around which all these stories revolve is a young homeless girl; fragile, vulnerable and scared, but also determined to make the best of her lot.  The reason she finds herself in this situation is handled with kid gloves, and although brings a powerful picture of the home life of this girl, it is not done in such a manner that it could offend or shock those who are of a sensitive nature.

In writing this novella the Author is able to remind the reader that, in this world of chaos, violence and the unspeakable acts we commit against each other, there is hope and that humanity has not become so lost that there is no way back.  Yes, this book does have religious undertones to it, but that does not make it a novella that cannot be enjoyed by the religious and non-religious alike.

I would highly recommend this book to any and all readers who are looking for a short uplifting read that proves the world is not such a miserable place after all.  My reason for the 4 thumbs rating…it just wasn’t long enough.  I look forward to reading more fiction from this Author.