Review: Geek Lust: Pop Culture, Gadgets, and Other Desires of the Likeable Modern Geek ~ Alex Langley

Geek LustGet Your Geek On!Unless you’re horndog Howard Wolowitz from “The Big Bang Theory,” the words “geek” and “lust” are seldom found in the same sentence. Until now, bub.

Whether it’s the most recent tweet from Felicia Day, the newest book from Terry Pratchett, or the latest anything from Joss Whedon, the world is a smoking hot, happening place for Geeks.

“Geek Lust,” a humorous celebration of Geekdom’s frenzied desires, heats it up like 1.21 Giga-Suns. It spotlights some of the awesomest real and fictional geeks in history, including Einstein, Madame Curie, Nerdist Chris Hardwick, and Steve Urkel (!); features classic science fiction and horror stories; the greatest experiences to have playing video games; gadgets gone wild; various top lists such as the hottest cryptids; and things from Star Wars that could be euphemisms for your genitals.

If you yearn for time travel, robotics and cloning; if Kirk still captains your imagination; and if, when all is said and done, you still can’t decide between Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman or Lucy Lawless’s Xena, Warrior Princess, welcome to “Geek Lust.”

And by the way, is it hot in here or did the next-generation iPhone just drop?

3 Thumbs-UpOnce upon a time being called a geek was an insult that many tried to avoid, but now with advances in technology and a recognition that we can all be passionate about something without being a threat to society, the tag ‘geek’ is now one many seek without totally understanding what it encompasses, or thinking only those enthusiastic about sci-fi are entitled to claim.

In this book the Author lays all that to rest by covering the geek aspect of everything from science through movies to books.  Yes, all passionate readers out there you are worthy of the title ‘geek’.  Using a combination of well researched facts, and more than a liberal dose of humour in some place this book will steer the budding geek through the never-ending world of meanings, facts and little known titbits that will have the reader thinking ‘hmm, I never knew that’.  If you are a misunderstood geek, this book will, after you finish reading it, make an excellent primer for those around you who may think you have finally lost your mind.

I found parts of the book made me roll my eyes in disbelief, after all who doesn’t know who Dr. Who or Peter Parker are?  But then I realised some out there don’t; I actually know someone who has no concept of the whole Star Wars universe, and so this will be lent to them to bring them up to speed.  Along with breaking down geek culture into sections, the Author manages to weave the sections together showing how everything is, at some level, connected with the others.  The Author is also not afraid of voicing their opinion of what they disliked about certain movies, for example, and this could cause a great jumping off point for discussion among lovers of these films;  don’t worry book lovers, he does the same for some of our much-loved reads too.

This is a great book to pull out at gatherings, throw pieces out there for debate before moving on to either watch, play or read the item you’ve been debating.  As I said previously, but will say it again here, if you’ve got a friend or relative who is confused by the whole geek world that you live in, this book is something you should read and then pass on to them so they can get to grips on your world.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although I did find it a bit basic in parts, the reason for the three thumbs review, but I put that down to my being a fully paid up member of the geek club.  Enjoy this book, as it sings the song of your people.


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