Review: 3037 ~ Peggy Holloway

The year is 3037 and technology has come a long ways. There are no more computers. Now everything is implanted directly into the brain and the government is using these implants to control the people. It is up to Ashley, the heroine to come from the past and save mankind.


3 Thumbs-UpHaving written many mysteries novels, this book is the Author’s debut in the world of science fiction.

Given the era from which the novels heroine comes, the character of the female lead is captured wonderfully.  When we first meet her she is full of all the indoctrinated expectations of her time and, although this made her come across as naive it also served to make her grate on my last nerve until the book, and her found its stride.  From that point onwards, the female lead developed and evolved to fit the changed world she was now in, and without the obvious difficulties this would cause any time traveller, did it without any of the constant whining and moaning that are often found in books of this type.  Although she was a good fit for her part in the storyline, she still wasn’t a character I particularly liked as I couldn’t find any part of her that I could identify with.

The novel itself is very interesting, and contains a lot of food for thought as to the way mankind is treating the ‘small blue dot’ we live on and how it may affect future generations, so if you are looking for an easy read that will make you think, this would be a good one for you to pick up.  Because of the nature of the writing and the basically simple way in which the storyline is put together, I feel it also would make and ideal read for the beach, or when there are a few moments free to enjoy a book and a glass of your favourite something.  This is not a book the reader will have to invest vast amounts of time and energy into, just to make it to the end.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light and easy vacation read, but something that will also give them something to talk about over dinner.



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