Reading Challenges ~ Love them or Hate them?

So we are at the beginning of a whole new year and, as is their usual practice, Goodreads are encouraging users to join their Reading Challenge.  As much as I like reading challenges, this one is beginning to feel a little stale, so I started looking for something that would be more of a challenge while at the same time opening me up to new reading experiences.  Scouring the internet I came across the challenge below that I thought I would share with you, and hopefully inspire you to open up to new reading experiences as we progress through this year.  I know that reading a book from the second category on the list is really going to be a challenge for me!
reading challenge


6 thoughts on “Reading Challenges ~ Love them or Hate them?

  1. I love these! My circle of books always tends to stay a little narrow because I stick to authors that I know and love, but last year I branched out to read more indie authors and random $1 book sale finds that I bought more or less for their interesting covers or titles. I’ll see if I can keep it up for 2015 and join you on the challenge 🙂

    • Mary, I was in that very same rut and realised this when I reviewed my blog. I’m hoping that I can keep to the challenge but I feel the romance and love story categories are going to be my biggest challenges.

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