Review: Piano from a 4th Storey Window ~ Jenny Morton

PianoASIN ~ B00OHML3C6
Publisher ~ Grafton Way Fiction
No. Of Pages ~ 389 pages
Links ~ Amazon, Jenny Morton Potts

Lawrence Fyre and Marin Strang aren’t like other people.

He is the eccentric owner of failing Sargasso Books in the Brighton Lanes. She is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness and isolated Spanish teacher. If they live together in his illegal, beautiful, rope laddered lock-up; can their love overcome their losses?

4 Thumbs-UpI have to be honest and say I found it really hard to get into this book, and the first chapter for me was confusing in that I wasn’t sure as who was saying what to whom.  Once past this chapter though that all changed.

This Author writes her characters in a way that makes them real, as in the kind of person you probably meet during your everyday lives.  The characters lives are laid open to the reader and then reconstructed to show how lives, and the events of those lives come together to join and eventually result in a relationship.  The emotions and consequences of actions are beautifully and skilfully placed on the page that the reader cannot help but be pulled totally into the journey and complexities of human relationships.  These characters are not the usual one-dimensional figures that can be found in a book on this topic, they are deep, well-developed and, as I said at the beginning of this paragraph wholly believable.

This Author has a talent for descriptive writing that I have not seen in a long while.  They way in which they describe the most mundane of objects are incredible and leaves the reader looking at these items in a different way.  Location descriptions do not suffer either; set in Brighton the Author is able to transport the reader to the town, have them at the train station and actually walking the streets as they read.  Very well done, and such a treat to read on a cold winter evening.  I found the title most intriguing as well, it had me visualising pianos falling from windows, or music floating out of windows on a quiet Sunday depending my mood when I picked this up to read.

I would highly recommend this book, especially to those readers who like a deeply descriptive novel, and look forward to reading other works by this Author in the future.


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