100 Years of Alfred A. Knopf, Publishers

I suddenly had a light bulb moment this morning whilst drinking my coffee, and it was prompted by my looking at the publisher’s name for the textbook I was browsing; Alfred A. Knopf celebrates 100 years of publishing this year and it had completely slipped my mind.  Maybe I should write these things down as I learn them so I can share with you all.  I quickly went over to their website and found a whole host of “goodies” that they are sharing with readers.   According to their website:

“Each week, we will tell you about the new books we are publishing in this anniversary year, as well as throw in a bit of nostalgia. We’ll remember books that were once upon a time published by Knopf in the particular month. We’ll share with you a bit of our personal history, i.e.: entertaining correspondence with authors, iconic dust jackets, remembrances by our editors and other members of the publishing team. We’ll dig up and share archival materials we think you’d like to see. In general, our Tumblr page (#Knopf100) for 2015 will be a running exhibition of the history and the present of the publishing house that is Alfred A. Knopf. Enjoy the ride.”

Among the “goodies” is a list of all their Pulitzer Prize winners, so I am making it a personal challenge to feature a review of at least one of these listed Authors each month until the end of the year.  As well as this list, there are downloadable posters, such as the one below.  But don’t take my word for it, head on over to their site and browse around.

Knopf are also responsible for publishing the Everyman’s Library and, to celebrate their 100th anniversary, they have created a special website dedicated to all things Everyman.  This is also worth taking time to browse through, and possibly rediscover some old classics you’d forgotten about.

Knopf 100 years