Writing a Book Review: 101

Great advice that I try to follow. Thanks Joe

Author Joe Perrone Jr's Blog

There is nothing more frustrating to an author than receiving an email from Amazon, informing you that “You have a new review for . . . ” and finding out that someone has given away all the details of your best-selling mystery novel.  Then, to make matters worse, you discover that the “reviewer” has publicly dressed you down with a very personal attack, thereby adding insult to injury.  Sound familiar?  If you’ve been writing for a while, it probably does.  And, it happens more often than you might think. Unless the review was written by another author with a grudge, the reason is fairly simple: most people do NOT know how to write a book review . . . or a movie review . . . or any other kind of review.  Hopefully, that’s all about to change (at least I hope it will for you).  For our purposes, I’ll only deal with book…

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