About Me

I am a book nut.  Pure and simple.

I’ve read books since I was able to read and will continue to do so until the day I turn blind from old age, then I will listen to them as audio books! Our house is filled with books that I’ve collected over the years. Of course if they are on my shelves, they will be loved and re-read over and again, but there is always room for more as I discover new Authors and genres.  I mostly read Mystery, Thriller, Crime,  WWII fiction, Historical fiction, Biographies, Humour, Fantasy (of any kind) or Science Fiction (of any kind). Unfortunately bodice ripping romance novels are not my thing, so have no home on my shelves.

I’m also a Military Spouse and constantly on the move, following my Husband around the country and the world, so books are my way of relieving stress when the movers have left, or we are on a long layover or flight making reading a big part of my life, because I am constantly doing it.

If I’m not doing the things required of a Military Spouse, going out with our dogs, cooking (another passion), or doing housework, you can find me either  reading an ebook, or sat with an actual book in my hands.  That’s my social life in a nutshell. Not quite as exciting as other people’s, but hey I like my social life the way it is, thank you very much!  If you’re interested  in finding out more about the crazy world I live in, head on over to my newly revived (actually brought back from the jaws of death), blog called Living in Our World, all about the life I live when I’m not reading.


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