Review & Rating Guidelines

Want me to review your book?

I love books and I love reading. So if you are a Publisher or an Author looking for someone to review your book, feel free to contact me. After all you can never have too many books on your shelves.  I also welcome self published Authors as I feel they receive a lot of bad press when trying to get their work out there.

Naturally there are some rules that I would like you to abide by. As I said before I love books, but I don’t read all genres.  I do not accept Romantic Fiction in any form, because I really do not enjoy reading this particular genre.

I try to avoid doing reviews that require a deadline date for a blog tour, I’m sure there are plenty of reviewers out there who have no qualms about bumping their other Authors for this purpose, but I do.  My reason for this is I find it to be unfair to Authors who are just content to wait in line for their review to appear across the digital ether.

My reviews are also my personal and honest opinion of a book and so do not represent the entire reading population! Please don’t take it too hard if your book doesn’t receive a high rating, this could have many reasons, most of which are explained in my reviews.  Also if I am reviewing part of a series and state I probably won’t read any of the others, again please don’t take this personally as I will most likely explain why I won’t be reading anymore in the review.  I read all books I am sent to the end, and do not abandon them unfinished.

My preferred formats

I prefer paperbacks, but it might cost you a pretty penny to send it to me, unless you are an US Author or Publisher.  In the event you truly want to send a paperback to me,  just contact me via my Contact page and we’ll work something out.  Anyone submitting a print copy for review will receive priority reading over the eBook submissions, so please take this into consideration when contacting me for a review.  I do gratefully accept ebooks though as I understand they’re easier for you to send to me, and also almost instantaneous delivery.

About the eBooks; I  prefer mobi that are downloaded from Amazon Or Smashwords, but will accept PDF too.

PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to decline a request at any time.  I also DO NOT and WILL NOT accept any monetary compensation for any review.



I use thumbs to rate the books I read. They can vary from 1 to 5 thumbs.

5 Thumbs-Up

5 THUMBS: This book is AMAZING!! One of the best books I’ve ever read!

4 Thumbs-Up

4 THUMBS: A very good book! A  few minor things I didn’t like but I’ll overlook them because it was still an incredible read!

3 Thumbs-Up

3 THUMBS: Pretty good. Not the best I’ve ever read but it has quite a few charms that made me enjoy it all the same.  Bad proofreaders will get a book into this category as well.  So I may like the book, but the proofreading errors may have spoilt it for me.

2 Thumbs-Up

2 THUMBS: Not that good, or it just didn’t captivate me.

1 Thumbs-Up

1 STAR: Worst read ever! So sorry to the author and fans, but either I really, really didn’t like it or it just really, really wasn’t for me, despite plowing on to the end.

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