It’s Finally Friday ~ Paul Orshoski


It’s Finally Friday

It’s finally Friday—I’m so glad.
It’s been a crazy week.
I got chewed out on Monday, 
and since then it’s all been bleak.

I lost my lunch on Tuesday,
and a parent went insane,
which shocked me so completely
that I almost popped a vein.

I poked my eye on Wednesday,
and the nurse gave me a shot.
She sent me to the doctor
when I fainted on the spot.

On Thursday I was tardy
’cause I kinda overslept.
And the snack that I was craving 
came up missing in a theft.

And so it’s finally Friday.
No more pencils, no more books.
No more sitting in detention, 
no more teachers’ dirty looks.

By Friday I’m exhausted, 
out of energy and breath.
But that’s the day you’ll hear me shout,
“Rejoice, TGIF!”

And twice a month on Friday,
I remember why I stay:
You see, I am the principal—
that’s when I get my pay.


© Paul Orshoski, reprinted from My Teacher’s in Detention



Isn’t My Name Magical? ~ James Berry


Isn’t My Name Magical?

Nobody can see my name on me.
My name is inside
and all over me, unseen
like other people also keep it.
Isn’t my name magical?

My name is mine only.
It tells I am an individual,
the one special person it shakes
when I’m wanted.

Even if someone else answers
for me, my message hangs in air
haunting others, till it stops
with me, the right name.
Isn’t your name and my name magic?

If I’m with hundreds of people
and my name gets called,
my sound switches me on to answer
like it was my human electricity.

My name echoes across playground,
it comes, it demands my attention.
I have to find out who calls,
who wants me for what.
My name gets blurted out in class,
it is terror, at a bad time,
because somebody is cross.

My name gets called in a whisper
I am happy, because
my name may have touched me
with a loving voice.
Isn’t your name and my name magic?

 James Berry

Review: Easy “A” (Ballistic Incantations, #1) ~ Charlie Fey

Easy ARichard “Vegas” Beltran is an underachiever. That’s bad for any student, but it’s especially bad when you go to a wizardry school. Black Magic is something to be taken very seriously, but Vegas has been caught smoking “eye of newt” in the boys’ bathroom, and all of his bubbling cauldrons contain ice and alcohol…

Seth Bynum is a gifted black magic sound mage. While he has the ability to blend music and sorcery creating powerful musical spells, he can only hope he’s strong enough to save his wayward foster-brother, Vegas. It seems where ever Vegas goes a retardation of the environment follows and Seth has to run behind him and de-tard it.

It’s alright, Seth will do whatever it takes to save Vegas. But saving Vegas is going to force Seth to unlock a lot of dark secrets about Absolution Academy. In the meantime he will take various lessons on the art of black magic, heartbreak and hate. But he has to pass the course and try not to become a complete psycho…

There’s very few ways to get an “A” in a black magic school and most of them are not good. Seth and Vegas are going to get to see if they are ready to die just to make the grade…

4 Thumbs-UpContinuing on my , what seems to be a theme this week of books that have made me laugh out loud, here is another that in my opinion will have you smiling and chuckling as you turn the pages;  not only is this book extremely entertaining, at the end the reader is definitely left wanting more.

The Author did an outstanding job of developing all of the characters in this book equally.  Each is given a distinct and unique personality which really adds, not only to the likability of these characters but to the storyline as a whole.  Humour is most definitely one of the keystones of this book, and the comedy in it will appeal to readers in their teen years as well as the ‘adult’ readers out there.  For adult readers, if they can get past the ‘requirement’ that they act like an adult at all times, they will find the fart jokes just as funny as they did in their earlier years.  If you are an adult reader that refuses to find any humour at all in such things, then I strongly suggest you do not even pick this book up, never mind open the cover.

The Author writes in a style that has the reader totally consumed in this book from the opening line, and continues to keep them hooked to the last page through a combination of characters, plot and very witty dialogue.  I look forward to reading future books in this series, and enjoying some more laughs as I follow the exploits that it is sure to contain.

I would recommend this book to lovers of the magic and mystical genre, plus those who see themselves as having sense of humour at all.