Review: Jumping in the Puddles of Life ~ Loretta Livingstone


Pages of verse. Funny, Uplifting, Spiritual, Love Poems. You’ll find something for everyone here. All printed on beautiful full colour photographs. A real delight.

3 Thumbs-Up

The purpose of poetry is to tell a story or relate someone’s feelings through rhyme or verse, and this little pocket sized book hits the mark in many places, but falls short too.  The Poet is English so the poems are written in British English and not American English.

The compilation is full of funny – ‘The Ballad of the Creme Egg’; uplifting; spiritual (the poet really lets us into her soul in these poems), and the usual love poems. But what makes this different to other pocket poetry books, is that each one is printed on stunning colour photographs taken by the Poet herself.

The one poem that really stuck out from all the others though, was ‘Past Times’, as it had all the makings of having been penned by Christina Rossetti, namely bringing to mind her ‘When I am dead, my dearest’.  It was written in a fluid and relaxed manner, which really had me feeling that, finally, the Poet had found her stride and was totally at ease with this style.  Unfortunately that was not the case.

With many of the poems I found the lack of punctuation caused me to take a deep breath, mentally, before reading them and, at times I found the rhyming scheme to become a little annoying.  Just as I was becoming totally frustrated with this, I fell over ‘The Balled of the Creme Egg’

Like ‘Past Times’, this also struck a chord with me, and made me chuckle out loud when I read it.  It caused me to remember the times that I had done exactly what she wrote about, and brought back some fond memories.

I like 2 things in the poetry I read, one is that it will make me think and reflect, as ‘Past Times’ did; and two, that it will make me smile and remember fun places and people such as the ‘Creme Egg’ delivered.

I would recommend this pocket book to anyone that enjoys poetry, and I will most likely be adding a hard copy to my collection, just for the two poems I have mentioned in this review.   It definitely wasn’t mind blowing, but there are definitely some hidden gems between its covers that are worth searching out. I would be interested to see how the Poet develops as she continues to write, and into what niche she finally finds herself feeling more comfortable in.